1》 Brit. a mark () used to indicate that an item in a list or text is correct or has been chosen.
2》 a regular short, sharp sound, especially that made every second by a clock or watch.
    ↘Brit. informal a moment.
3》 Stock Exchange the smallest amount by which the price of a security or future may fluctuate.
1》 chiefly Brit. mark with a tick.
2》 make regular ticking sounds.
3》 (tick away/by/past) (of time) pass inexorably.
    ↘(tick along) proceed; progress.
4》 (tick over) (of an engine) run slowly in neutral.
    ↘Brit. work or function at a basic or minimum level.
5》 (tick someone off) Brit. informal reprimand or rebuke someone.
6》 (tick someone off) N. Amer. informal make someone annoyed or angry.
what makes someone tick informal what motivates someone.
ME: prob. of Gmc origin.
1》 a parasitic arachnid which attaches itself to the skin, from which it sucks blood. [Suborder Ixodida: many species.]
    ↘informal a parasitic louse fly, especially the sheep ked.
2》 Brit. informal a worthless or contemptible person.
OE ticia, of Gmc origin.
noun (in phr. on tick) on credit.
C17: appar. short for ticket in the phr. on the ticket, referring to a promise to pay.
noun a fabric case stuffed with feathers or other material to form a mattress or pillow.
↘short for ticking.
ME: prob. Mid. Low Ger., MDu. tēke, or MDu. tīke, via W. Gmc from L. theca 'case', from Gk thēkē.

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